Boxkon is professional tool created by our team for making your life easier.

Your data security is our top priority.
We store and encrypt all information safely to protect your privacy.

Experience the peace of mind that comes from having a comprehensive monitoring solution at your fingertips.

Reliable Monitoring System

With Boxkon, you gain peace of mind as you effortlessly monitor the performance and functionality of your servers, apps, modules, and scripts.

Leveraging powerful tools like Zabbix, Grafana, and our in-house monitoring tool, Boxkon delivers comprehensive insights into the health and stability of your digital ecosystem.

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With a global reach, we cater to users from all corners of the world.

Our primary goal is to provide high-quality server hosting and monitoring to as many users as possible at affordable prices, minimizing the user’s input required and simplifying their experience.


Easy Setup, Minimal Know-How Required

We’ve streamlined the setup!

Our Web Monitoring services are designed for effortless setup, requiring minimal technical knowledge.

Just sign up, select monitoring preferences, configure alerts, and add your website.

We handle the rest, ensuring your online presence remains secure and optimized.

Real-Time Alerts and Reporting

The services we offer go beyond simplicity in setup; they also offer real-time alerts and comprehensive reporting.

If any issues are detected, you will receive immediate notifications, along with easy-to-understand details about the problem.

You won’t need a degree in IT to understand our reports – they are designed with our non-technical customers in mind.


We are constantly working on improving our app. Your voice matter.


We are dedicated to your satisfaction, committed to ongoing service enhancements, all for you.

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Choose the best plan for you.



What will you get:

Uptime Monitoring

Heartbeat Monitoring

Domain Status Monitoring



Best value for money


The same as Basic, plus:

Zabbix Server Monitoring

App Status Monitoring

Code Level Monitoring

Custom Triggers

Custom Notifications



Monitoring to the next level

Scale up and customize all of our monitoring solutions to suite your needs.

Access and enjoy custom made Zabbix and Grafana Dashboard, SMS notifications and more.

We offer convenient payment options including PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, and Cryptocurrency through Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is web monitoring?

Web monitoring is the process of tracking, analyzing, and managing the performance and availability of websites and online services.

2Why is web monitoring important?

It ensures your website or online service functions properly, providing a great user experience and minimizing downtime.

3What can I monitor with web monitoring tools?

You can monitor uptime, page load times, server performance, and user experience across various devices.

4How often should I check my website's uptime?

Regularly, ideally every few minutes. Our web monitoring tools offer real-time monitoring for immediate issue detection.

5What are common website performance metrics to monitor?

Key metrics include page load times, server response times, error rates, and content availability.

6Can web monitoring help with SEO?

Yes, monitoring site speed and uptime positively impacts SEO by improving user experience and search engine rankings.

7Do I need technical expertise to use web monitoring tools?

No, our tools are user-friendly and offer simple dashboards. Some may require advanced settings, but our team can handle any chalange.

8How can I choose the right web monitoring tool for my business?

Consider your needs, budget, and desired features.

We offer a variety of plans that are specially made to suite your needs.


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